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We provide our allies with timely information for decision making, to help you maximize efficiency, lower your costs and mitigate risks. Our technological proposals revolve around three main axes briefly described below:

Drone Manufacturing

We are promoters of the #HechoEnColombia initiative. At Black Square we manufacture the HERCULES X4 and HERCULES X8 Heavy lifter drones with 100% Colombian engineering, this makes it easier for us to offer after-sales services, guarantees, training, certifications and consultancies without depending on third parties abroad.

Drone Services

The robustness of our heavy lifter drones allows us to carry out missions in adverse conditions, in this way we can offer a wide range of services for the capture of aerial data. For this, we use techniques of: photogrammetry, magnetometry and hyperspectral analytics.

Hyperspectral Technology

They are cameras capable of capturing the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and the objects that receive it, that is, these types of cameras generate images with much more information than conventional cameras. At Black Square we are certified distributors of Hyspex, a leading brand in hyperspectral sensors.

Software Development

We currently have the development of two software specialized in the digitization of processes. On the one hand, the BSGIS designed for the digitization of Pre-Harvest activities and on the other, the BSTRACK designed for the digitization of Post-Harvest activities.

dron industrial hercules x4

Validation of the HERCULES x4 Drone

Validation and tests with load of the Industrial Drone HERCULES x4. Specially designed for photogrammetry and magnetometry operations. Also available the HERCULES X8 version for heavy loads.

servicios con drones

Photogrammetry in Cundinamarca

Overflight mission of sugarcane crops in Cundinamarca – Colombia. High resolution images were captured and photogrammetric techniques were applied for the construction of orthomosaics and digital elevation models.

maquina de clasificación de cacao

Sorting Machine of Cocoa Beans

Presentation of the 1st machine for real-time classification of whole cocoa beans using hyperspectral technology at ChocoShow 2021 – Colombia. A joint development with SENA, MinTic, Hyspex and Prediktera.

software de agricultura de precisión

Crop Digitization Software

The BSGIS is a Georeferenced Asset Management System. Applied in the agricultural sector, during the Pre-Harvest, it allows to carry out the digital administration of crops plant by plant.

Products & Services

  • Dron HERCULES X4
  • Dron HERCULES X8
  • Fotogrametría
  • Magnetometría
  • Sensores hiperespectrales marca Hyspex
  • Soluciones llave en mano
  • BSGIS – Digitalización en Pre-Cosecha
  • BSTRACK – Digitalización en Pos-Cosecha

After-sales Service

We have a specialized and committed team so that each client feels the accompaniment and support of BLACK SQUARE. Also, we provide advice so that the products are used correctly in the different operations for which they are intended.

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Portfolio of Products & Services

Discover the proposed technologies that Black Square makes available, in order to contribute to the improvement and innovation of your company’s processes by downloading our general portfolio of Products and Services 2021 here.