Black Square Group

We Develop Solutions

We provide our allies with timely information for decision making, to help you maximize efficiency, lower your costs and mitigate risks. Our technological proposals revolve around three main axes briefly described below:


It refers to the assembly between a machine (drone, conveyor belt, airplane, etc.), and a sensor (photogrammetry, lidar, hyperspectral, etc), in charge of capturing information.


With the result of the machine-sensor integration, an operation is carried out in the area of interest in order to acquire certain type of data (images, thermal, reflectance, etc…)


Once the data is acquired, certain protocols are applied in order to generate information of interest for our customers (aerial maps, hot spots inspections, minerals identification, etc …)


      • Hercules


      • Photogrammetry
      • Thermal Detectors
      • LIDAR
      • Hyperspectral
      • Magnetometer

Consulting Services

      • i+D+I Consulting

Sensors Services

      • Photogrammetry
      • Thermal Detectors
      • LIDAR
      • Hyperspectral
      • Magnetometer

After-sales Service

We have a specialized and committed team so that each client feels the accompaniment and support of BLACK SQUARE. Also, we provide advice so that the products are used correctly in the different operations for which they are intended.

Field Operation

Within the field operations we establish a standardized methodology to guarantee the success of the operation

Pre-field Study

Before the face-to-face transfer of the equipment, the conditions of the area of ​​interest are evaluated in order to forecast and make estimates.

Mission Design

With the data from the Pre-Field Study, a complete operation is designed that goes from the logistics organization to the parameterization of the equipment.

Field Operation

The personnel strategically positioned in the area of ​​interest executes the mission adhering to the guidelines described in the study and design.

Results Presentation

Depending on the type of operation, a report is presented summarizing the results obtained, critical points and observations.