Industrial Area

Product of our scientific vocation and the entrepreneurial spirit that accompanies us, we have developed a series of industrial solutions that are the result of the execution of “turnkey” projects. These solutions consist of the manufacture of equipment that integrates two or more areas of operation, prepared from a specific need and providing a scalable solution. These solutions turn out to be at the hardware and software level and include the design, prototyping, operation, development and implementation that best suits.

Industrial Equipment

Cocoa Sorting Machine

This machine allows real-time classification and separation of whole cocoa beans based on their level of fermentation. To do this, a statistical model and spectral data analysis techniques are applied to cocoa beans to determine the level of fermentation (chemical properties) from their reflection properties (optical properties), measured through a hyperspectral sensor.

Measurement Machine in Greenhouses

This machine is made up of a terrestrial robot equipped with a hyperspectral sensor, which circulates along a system of rails located between the greenhouse crop beds, capturing spectral data, which is processed in a geographic information system adapted to the crop to generate maps of early detection of nutritional and phytosanitary problems.

Pavement Analysis Instrument

This instrument for evaluating pavements is the result of integrating three sensors into a single piece of equipment (a 3D scanner, a ground-penetrating radar, and a GPS-IMU card), installed on a metallic structure placed at the rear of a vehicle. During the operation of the instrument, surface and underground information of the pavement under evaluation would be obtained simultaneously, quickly (several kilometers a day) and non-destructively (remote sensing).

El microscopio de Fluorescencia

Fluorescence Microscopy

The Fluorescence microscope is a device that allows the number of somatic cells in a milk sample to be determined. It is designed to be used in situ, that is, in the milking parlor, and for this reason it has five fundamental characteristics: it is portable, its use is not complex, it analyzes quickly, it is low cost and it has connectivity with various devices.

Project development

We provide consulting services for R&D projects, where we carry out scientific and technical support in the formulation, execution and validation of research and development projects based on the integration of machines and sensors for all types of industrial applications. The process to achieve this goal consists of four phases:

1. Conceptual Design

2. Detailed Design

3. Prototype Development

4. Prototype Validation

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