Hyperspectral Area

At Black Square we are certified distributors of Hyspex, a leading brand in hyperspectral sensors. These sensors combine the power of digital imaging and spectroscopy. For each pixel in an image, a hyperspectral camera captures the light intensity (radiance) for a large number (typically a few tens to several hundred) of contiguous spectral bands. Therefore, each pixel in the image contains a continuous spectrum (in radiance and reflectance) and can be used to characterize objects in the scene with great precision and detail. In addition to the sale of sensors and their accessories, we also provide services with them in terms of data capture and processing on multiple platforms.

Hyspex Equipment

HySpex Baldur V-1024 N
HySpex Baldur S-640i N
HySpex Baldur S-384 N
sensor hipereespectral
HySpex Mjolnir V-1240
HySpex Mjolnir S-620
HySpex Mjolnir VS-620
HySpex VNIR-1024
HySpex VNIR-1800
HySpex VNIR-3000 N
HySpex SWIR-384
HySpex SWIR-640

Data Processing

Reference Sampling

We offer field sampling services (floral, soil, fruit, flowers, minerals, materials, etc.) and we provide logistical support for laboratory analysis in order to obtain reference data.

Lab Data Acquisition

Service for capturing hyperspectral images in the laboratory under controlled conditions, from Hyspex VNIR and SWIR sensors.

Data Acquisition on Tripod

Service for capturing hyperspectral images on a tripod for the generation of mosaics and characterization of facades, from Hyspex sensors.

Drone Data Acquisition

Drone hyperspectral image capture service for the generation of maps and terrain characterization, from Hyspex sensors.

Aircraft Data Acquisition

Service for capturing hyperspectral images in aircraft for the generation of maps, characterization of terrain and/or horizontal planes, from Hyspex sensors.

Generation of Mathematical Models

Servicio de generación de modelos estadísticos, a partir de la correlación de datos referenciales con datos hiperespectrales.

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