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The HERCULES drone is a industrial coaxial type multirotor, that is, it has eight motors distributed in four arms. Thanks to this design, the vehicle is both as compact as a quadcopter and as powerful as an octocopter. The HERCULES was designed with the idea that it could be easily integrated with different kinds of payloads, this way, the operator could give different functions to the vehicle depending on his needs.

dron industrial heavy hercules



These sensors allow the capture of aerial photographs from which high-resolution, orthorectified and georeferenced aerial maps can be generated with centimeter precision. Sony Brand Sensor Distributors.

Thermal Detectors

These sensors allow the detection of temperature differences and hot spots in a scene, which is useful for detecting early failures. Flir brand sensor distributors.


These sensors emit and receive pulses from which 3D models of any scene can be generated regardless of their complexity. Velodyne brand sensor distributors.


These sensors allow information to be obtained from the reflected light from the bodies, from which chemical conclusions can be drawn. HySpex Brand Sensor Distributors.


These sensors allow to measure magnetic anomalies of a terrain from which conclusions can be drawn about the presence of certain minerals inside. Gem Systems Brand Sensor Distributors.